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Our Wholly Integrated Business Model

The Bright Blue Ink Advantage

Infographic depicting the three step process from printing to fulfillment with the Wholly Integrate Model.A graphic showcasing the streamlined process at the Bright Blue Ink facility.

Bright blue ink makes delivering a new product to market as easy as 1-2-3!

We provide industry-leading service for all aspects of e-commerce from our 22,000 square-foot facility in Austin, Texas.
Webstore built-out, graphic design, production, fulfillment, customer service - we do it all under one roof!

Infographic depicting a typical "supply chain shuffle" exchange.

Under the alternative e-commerce model, a broker coordinates the services of numerous third party vendors. Launching a new t-shirt design with a broker typically looks more like the chaotic tangle depicted in the "Don't Do The Supply Chain Shuffle" graphic.

The broker model requires complex coordination between the broker, the webstore administrator (You), multiple production operations, and the fulfillment vendor. Each step costs time and money!

Bright Blue Ink's Integration Eliminates Supply Chain Shuffle Inefficiencies

• There are no added costs or delays resulting from coordinating with third-parties.

• When there's a new product launch, information is immediately shared among key players to bring it to market with blazing speed.

• If there's an issue, we don't have to figure out who to call. The team huddles up to solve the problem right then and there.

What About Viral Surges?

When a product goes viral, there can be intense demand for rapid fulfillment of thousands of orders. We maintain anetwork of trusted Union production partners to assist our in-house team with surge capacity when needed.

But a viral surge is actually where the integrated model delivers the most value!

We begin fulfilling orders immediately while the supply chain of our "reinforcement partners" runs it's course, shortening overall project fulfillment by days, or even weeks.

We eliminate the guesswork because production projections never match up with actual demand: When projections overshoot, we dial back our in-house production to keep you from overspending; when they undershoot, we ramp-up on the fly to ensure all your supporters recieve their grear promptly - without getting caught in the Supply Chain Shuffle.

A union worker holds a shirt prtined with the Bright Blue Ink logo and a union label

Rapidly and cost-effectively fulfilling e-commerce orders at volume is only possible when your webstore administrator has direct control over all of aspects of the transaction lifecycle.


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