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union labor all the way

A Union Bug With Meaning

Pie chart detailing percentages of webstore labor in categories of fulfillment, printing, graphic design, account management, and customer support

How "Union" Is A Webstore
Without Union Fulfillment?

70.5% Of Total Webstore Labor In Non-Printing.
The Largest Share Of Labor
Is In Fulfillment:
From 69,535 Total Labor Hours In 2020

We know the first thing every seasoned campaigner looks for when handling a piece of political merch is the union bug.

The Union Label is the guarantee that the item was produced by fair labor. Manufacturing is only a small fraction of the total work involved in bringing e-commerce goods to market.

By far, the largest share of e-commerce work is fulfillment.

Receiving, barcoding and maintaining correct inventory of finished goods; processing workflow for efficient fulfillment; and speedily and accurately "picking and packing" orders is a complex, labor-intensive process. ​And, as too many news accounts have shown, thee-commerce sector is where Americans perform some of the most strenuous, least secure, and lowest-paying work in the country.

But Not At Bright Blue Ink!

Our printers aren't just Union, so is our client services team, our graphic designers, our customer support agents, and — most especially — our order fulfillment associates, who do the most work to bring your message to the world.

A shipping box imprinted with a union logo stamp.
A union worker prepares an order for fulfillment.

With Bright Blue Ink, You're Assured The Union Bug On Your Merch Is The Real Deal.

At Bright Blue Ink, Everyone Has:

• Union Job Security
• Access to quality health, vision and dental coverage (with 67% Employer Premium Contribution)
• Sick leave and paid time off benefits.
• A safe, equitable and supportive work environment.

Bright Blue Ink is labor organized under the auspices of
The Communications Workers of America, Austin, Texas Local 6132.

We're Union Proud Of Our Five-Year Collective Bargaining Agreement
Ratified On March 4, 2021
By A Unanimous Vote Of Our Union Members.

Communication Workers of America logo
Communication Workers Of America
Boost Your Merch Game
With Custom Union Printed
Products Today!